NBA 2K16 on Playstation Plus: Enjoy Slam Dunking

As one of the NBA’s most epic seasons comes to an end, Sony has just given its players something else to cheer for.

The NBA series by 2K Sports is the second biggest gaming franchise. And it’s not hard to see why, great gameplay, fantastic online modes and it’s own take on ultimate team. EA Sports tried to enter the fray with a reboot of NBA Live, but when 2K sports does it so well, it’s not hard to see why Basketball fans aren’t budging.

The great news is that if you are a Playstation Plus subscriber, you can now get the game completely free to keep (playable at any time provided you are actively subscribed to Playstation Plus). This month has taken somewhat an unusual turn for PS Plus, which typically doesn’t offer AAA games, at least not on PS4. Hopefully this will mark the beginning of more blockbuster titles to appear, as we see more and more aged games.

The NBA game holds a score of 87 on Metacritic, a critical acclaim for a sports game. Obviously, NBA 2k17 is on the horizon, so it makes perfect sense for the publisher to let players get a taste of the action and get more excited for the up and coming 2k17 installment.

Game Features:

  • Most realistic graphics to date, with player faces captured to a high fidelity
  • Licensed by the NBA – All kits, balls and courts are official
  • Over 8 different single player game modes
  • Online multiplayer enabled
  • Better than ever AI
  • Off the ball control
  • Make plays and create custom plays
  • Exhibition game modes including Slam Dunk Contest

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Excited? Download NBA 2k16 now for free on Playstation Plus.

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